At TEMP-AIR, we won’t just rent you a heater and leave you out in the cold. Our temporary heating systems are designed not only for temperature control, but to also manage moisture and ventilate toxic fumes. For each project, we calculate the heat loss, the potential humidity levels and the ventilation requirements, in order to design a “system” for your unique air management needs. When costs of equipment, fuel consumption, and electrical usage are all take into consideration, TEMP-AIR systems will give you the most efficient and economical results.


  • Custom-engineered air management solutions
  • Wide variety of equipment types and sizes
  • Certified service technicians
  • Routine site inspections, adjustments, and preventative maintenance
  • Emergency service – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year




Make-Up Air

Make-up Air is air from the outdoors that is heated and then evenly distributed indoors in a controlled manner to replace the air that is being exhausted. This drier, tempered, fresh air has the ability to absorb moisture, and ventilate the toxic fumes from the construction process. It provides lower relative humidity levels and dew point temperatures inside the building to prevent condensation and minimize the potential for mold.

Make-up Air Heaters Provide:

  • Controlled Mechanical Ventilation
  • Lower Dew Point Temperatures
  • Reduced Hot and Cold Spots
  • More Uniform Interior and Surface Temperatures

Ordinary Recirculating Heaters:

  • Intensify Uncontrolled Infiltration
  • Recycle Stale, Dirty Air
  • Increase Hot and Cold Spots
  • Increase Moisture and Contaminant Levels